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In the beginning, there was silence.

People like you, would LOVE to embed their Discord server on webpages... but simply, there were no other options to do such thing!

Well, say no more!


A unique, stripped down version of your Discord server, embeddable on any webpages alike!


There was a time when Discord doesn't support embedding the chat on a webpage. One must go into extreme measures to ensure that they do not break the Cross Origin policy that Discord client is enforcing, which resulted in many very sad outcomes. Many users have also complained that the Discord's built in widget does not include the chat itself. What is the point of embedding Discord without chat?!

This is where Titan steps in. By inviting Titan bot into your server, it acts like a proxy where it relays chat from your website embed to the Discord server. As soon as you invite Titan to your server, you will be given a unique URL/iframe code to paste directly onto your website.

It just doesn't ends here! Titan is jam packed with many features, such as guest users as well as allowing Discord users to participate. Guest users will be treated similar to users without a role. Discord users however will inherit their own permission abilities. The client itself is designed with flexibility. It looks good in websites of all taste!

Please note that Titan is just a mere piece of code that runs alongside of Discord. It is never used to replace Discord itself. (that's what the mobile apps are for!) It is used in conjunction for a quick and dirty Discord embed for websites. Some uses include forum shoutboxes, etc.


All commands start by mentioning the bot user, @Titan.


For your information needs.

  • invite
    Replies with an OAuth URL used to invite the bot to your server.
  • server
    Replies with an instant invite to the Titan Embeds support server.

Guest User Moderation

All guest users are denoted by square brackets (or Titan's logo as avatar if enabled Webhook Messages) around their username in the Discord channel, when sending messages.

  • ban <username-query>[#<discriminator>]
    Bans the user by the username. The username does not need to be the full string. The discriminator is optional.
    Eg: ban Titan#0001
  • kick <username-query>[#<discriminator>]
    Kicks the user by the username. The username does not need to be the full string. The discriminator is optional.
    Eg: kick Titan#0001

Query Parameters

Use query parameters to customize your individual embeds out of this world!

Query parameters are in the format of key-value pairs. They are appended after your embed url such that it would look like so:

Below is the reference of all the avaliable query parameters that may be used.

  • css=<integer>
    Styles the embed's theme according to the unique custom CSS ID. Custom CSS may be managed from the user dashboard page.
    Eg: css=1
  • defaultchannel=<snowflake>
    Instead of having the top channel as the first channel your users see, you may change it. Enable Discord's Developer mode in the Appearances tab of the User Settings and copy the channel ID. Here is a tutorial on obtaining the channel ID.
    Eg: defaultchannel=1234567890
  • fixedsidenav=<boolean>
    Always show the left server navigation sidebar on large screens.
    Avaliable Options:
    • true
    • false (default)

    Eg: fixedsidenav=true
  • lang=<language>
    Are your users multilingual? No worries, Titan can speak multiple languages! Check the about page for a list of all language parameters Titan can support.
    Wish Titan supported your language? Consider contributing to our CrowdIn project!
    Eg: lang=nl_NL
  • noscroll=<boolean>
    Prevents the embed from scrolling down on first load. Useful for those who wants to set #info -typed channels as their default channel. Gotta have those good reads!
    Avaliable Options:
    • true
    • false (default)

    Eg: noscroll=true
  • sametarget=<boolean>
    For those who don't want the Discord Login to open in a new tab/window... (Does not work for iframe loaded embeds!!! This is a direct link option only.)
    Avaliable Options:
    • true
    • false (default)

    Eg: sametarget=true
  • theme=<string>
    Want your embed to use one of our premade themes? Look no further!
    Avaliable Options:
    • BetterTitan
    • DiscordDark
    • MetroEdge

    Eg: theme=DiscordDark
  • username=<string>
    Prefills the guest username field with the given username. If the guest captcha is disabled and that the user has not been logged in yet, it automatically logs the user in with the specified username.
    Eg: username=Rainbow%20Dash
  • userscalable=<boolean>
    Enables pinch-to-zoom and auto zoom on input fields for most mobile browsers on touch-enabled devices. Disabling this will give your embed a more app-like experience. Keep in mind that disabling this might prevent accessibility features disabled people rely on from functioning.
    Avaliable Options:
    • true (default)
    • false

    Eg: userscalable=false

Chat with us!

Cool People

Keep in mind, this project is not complete without these awesome people!


Project Lead

The one who started this project. Legends say that the place he worked at (BronyTV) decided to ditch IRC for Discord, and Titan was the product of this chaos.


Server Witch

This gal manages our server and figures out how to keep the hamsters in the basement in line! Without her they might all run away!


Server Hosting

From the shadows of Poniverse, AppleDash swiftly jumps in and offered his server to make websockets possible!


Frontend Design

Do you know what makes CSS ticks? Me either... However with Addy, being the experienced one here, knows exactly how to cook a perfect CSS brew.


Server Manager

During the busy holiday season, he swooped in and kept the site online. He is very experienced and lends a friendly hand!


Sample Text

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Maecenas et risus nibh.


Former Bot Hosting

This guy hosts our lovely bot, without him Titan would probably not been that great (ahem, indefinitely offline bot).


Former CSS Architect

Although been well known for his name of JavaScript, he helped us improve the embeds with his CSS skillz.


Former Head Developer

Have you heard of JustMaffie? He has done quite some developing for Titan.


Logo Designer

From our friends over at ProCord, Semic made most of our awesome and heroic Titan logo.


These are awesome communities that offers amazing tools to enhance your Discord experience and are willing to promote us! So do we!! #TitanThoughtOfTheDay

Historical European Martial Arts Alliance

The Server That You're Stabbin' to Join For

Interested in historical combat? Ever wanted to slash, stab, lunge someone with a blade? Maybe try your hand, at unarmed? Recreate the Arts from the manuals of old, this is our hub of international fencers and instructors across the world. We spar and teach with real longswords, rapiers, shields, you name it, and will happily answer any of your questions, too.

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Streamers Connected

Community for all Content Creators, Alike

Streamers Connected is a community for content creators across all platforms of any genre and size. We strive to provide a place for creators to network, grow, and find any resources they may need to produce the best content they can. We want to see all of our members rise to their potential and find success in their passion to create and entertain. We work with large and small developers to bring our streamers games at discounted prices, and fund giveaways.

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LGBTQ+ Lounge

We respect everyone, of any sexuality or gender, from any country.

LGBTQ+ Lounge is a community that welcomes all, regardless of gender or sexuality, come to our server to enjoy yourself and make new friends and involve yourself with some of the events and activities that the staff will organise.

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File Hosting Community with Creative Domains

RATELIMITED is a POMF-Compatible, ShareX and cURL-Compatible file hosting service with over 20 domains to choose from! Features unlimited subdomains and subdirectories, email service, friendly community and a dedicated support team in case if you need any help!

Website Discord Server


Thanks to all these amazing folks who taught Titan long and hard so that it could speak your language!

Wish Titan supported your language? Consider contributing to our CrowdIn project!